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Seriously the best NOLA food outside ...
Seriously the best NOLA food outside of NOLA! I have lived in Atlanta for 3 weeks and have literally been to Po'Boy Shop 8 times. The food is so good and authentic. The staff are amazing! You must go to The Po'Boy Shop!!!
Amy O. via - Aug 10, 2020
My mom wanted a real Louisiana ...
My mom wanted a real Louisiana roast beef poboy. Since we are originally from Louisiana we know authentic Louisiana cuisine when we taste it. The food was great. We will definitely go back. I'm gonna try the alligator and bread pudding next time.
Tonya O. via - Aug 10, 2020
The po boys were amazing, and they ...
The po boys were amazing, and they were super easy to pick up, too! They had a tent outside, and we paid and picked up there. We got the meat pies, which were so delicious they were gone before we were even halfway home. They were hot and juicy on the inside and crispy and flaky on the outside! Whatever sauce went with them made them ... read more
Sarah R. via - Aug 10, 2020
Love the food . Amazing lovely people working here !
Jay Powell via - Aug 7, 2020
The best!
Tony Schmidt via - Aug 4, 2020
Great sandwiches, a little pricey but definitely worth it. Something to treat yourself every once in a while. I get the bourbon glazed bread pudding every time I visit. It's probably taking months off of my life span every time I eat one but it's worth it.
spᄋᄋky ᅵᅵamma via - Jul 27, 2020
** Take-out Food and Beverage Review**During ...
** Take-out Food and Beverage Review**

During all the craziness going on, one thing I kept hearing was HOW GOOD the food was from this place.  So we finally tried it out.  WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?!?!

Let me start with my kids first since they are picky eaters.  They both wanted cheese burgers.  Well, They both got sin
... read more
Lindsay W. via - Jul 22, 2020
I lived in Southeast Louisiana ...
I lived in Southeast Louisiana for five years, and this place is as close as it gets. If you blindfolded me and fed me their dressed shrimp Po'boy, I'd think I was back in New Orleans. Great seafood, great spices, and the BREAD! How'd they ever get that bread? Very friendly, helpful folks, too. It's like a trip to the Big Easy stoppi ... read more
Kevin C. via - Jul 16, 2020
I love this place.  Today was my ...
I love this place.  Today was my second visit but this is my first review.  The first visit I ordered the small Shrimp Po'Boy and the small Roast Beef Po'Boy.  I found them to be extremely filling and flavorful.  Today I went back for another Shrimp Po'Boy and this time I got their Shop Fries as well as a cup of Red Beans and Rice.   ... read more
Manny K. via - Jul 8, 2020
Just like home! ⚜⚜⚜ ... read more
Channon Chay Powell via - Jul 8, 2020
Pretty impressed by The Po'Boy ...
Pretty impressed by The Po'Boy Shop! Food was delicious and there were great portion sizes for the price. We liked our shrimp and debris Po'Boys - we order small sandwiches, and found these to be more than enough! I wish the Cajun shop fries had more flavoring though. Overall, good, authentic food and nice service (good COVID setup f ... read more
Miranda G. via - Jul 5, 2020
Delicious!!! Sandwiches are crammed ...
Delicious!!! Sandwiches are crammed full of seafood. Fresh food better than po'boys we've had while on beach vacations. We tried crawfish, oyster and shrimp sandwiches and all were absolutely fabulous.
Cynthia H. via - Jul 3, 2020
Who else got better shrimp? Go 'head I'll wait.....
ForYourInformation2 via - Jul 1, 2020
Love this place! Very authentic great food. They get their bread in from Louisiana every week! Its become a tradition to take my friends here who visit from out of town. This shop had done alot to social distance and protect their staff and customers. Cant beat their bread pudding!
Google User via - Jun 30, 2020
Our second time to The Po'Boy Shop ...
Our second time to The Po'Boy Shop was excellent!! We order take out with a large shrimp po'boy(plenty for the two of us to share), red beans and rice( terrific!), gumbo( the dark rue kind-very authentic and great), an order of jalapeño hushpuppies(yum!) AND tasters of their out of this world bread pudding. Service was prompt and cus ... read more
Dick D. via - Jun 29, 2020
The bread, the quality of the shrimp ...
The bread, the quality of the shrimp, the seasonings and sheer quantity that this place puts into its sandwiches is undeniable. One of the owners was extremely personable and answered all my questions as a first time guest. I have already been back multiple times since this review and it continues to be consistent and delicious; defi ... read more
Taryn K. via - Jun 28, 2020
Okay so here's the deal in a nutshell ...
Okay so here's the deal in a nutshell, the po' boys here are absolutely delicious, the customer service is always on point, the bread pudding is out of this world, and they are pandemic friendly! Oh and Zoa is amazing! OkayBye ... read more
Stephanie G. via - Jun 26, 2020
Oh what a great place to eat! I ...
Oh what a great place to eat! I have eaten about half of the items on the menu. All excellent but the Cajun pies are the bomb. Both the crawfish and beef pies are my all time favorites!
Greg B. via - Jun 26, 2020
First time visit and I will be ...
First time visit and I will be back! Staff was friendly and gave excellent recommendations. Food you wonder, No words, everything was great. My shrimp Po Boy was dressed nicely and my bread was cooked perfectly (not like a brick like other places). The Boudin Balls were probably my favorite because of the combination of flavors. This ... read more
Nicole B. via - Jun 22, 2020
Great food & very authentic! Seafood sourced from the gulf coast, bread brought in from bakery in NoLa. Catfish & oyster po boy was fire! 👍 ... read more
Willie smith via - Jun 22, 2020
The food food was delicious and ...
The food food was delicious and the staff was very friendly. I was born and raised in New Orleans and the food here is really taste authentic along with the southern hospitality to match. My favorite is the oyster poboy! However, I've recently tried the crawfish pie and fell in love upon the first bite. You can't go wrong with the fo ... read more
Kimberly J. via - Jun 20, 2020
I've passed by this place numerous ...
I've passed by this place numerous times and thought that I should finally give it a try.  I can't beleive that I waited so long.  The food was fantastic, and definitely hit my cajun craving for sure!
DannGarr001 .. via - Jun 14, 2020
Being a New Orleans native,this food tasted like home! Owner Craig extremely nice. I recommend the Debris and the bread pudding. You will not be disappointed. Will be back for the basement bar and to watch the Saints games!
Shana Duvernay via - Jun 13, 2020
Awesome food and service had a great time ... read more
Jim Webster via - Jun 13, 2020
First time eating at here was by ...
First time eating at here was by chance.  A friend and I actually was planning to eat at the soul food restaurant next door but that particular restaurant did not open on time at 11AM.  As we were waiting, one of the owners of The Po' Boy Shop was outside preparing for take out orders during the Covid pandemic. He never tried to pers ... read more
Candice S. via - Jun 13, 2020
Grew up in Metairie, and have been in Atlanta since college. By far the best and truly only good option for cajun cuisine locally, and it's not close.
Zach Ketchum via - Jun 11, 2020
Loved it! Not bad at all til I can get home to Naw'lins for a real one. I coulda did without the grilled onions but overall it was on point!!!
D Edwards via - Jun 9, 2020
Sat in the truck and SMASHED one of the BEST SHRIMP Po Boys in ATLANTA!! Topped it off with one of their signature Bloody Mary's!!!
Q Bryant via - Jun 7, 2020
They have figured the corona thing ...
They have figured the corona thing out!  No one allowed in the restaurant and the pavement is marked for 6 feet intervals. The service is not fast, but it's quality driven. The food notch all the way around. I'm sad they are 22 mins away from my home, but that doesn't stop me from making the trip frequently.
Airiel J. via - Jun 7, 2020
Great New Orleans inspired fare!
This is a hidden gem in Decatur. The po'boy sandwiches are all fantastic especially the debris! They have an authentic muffuletta that is to die for. The downstairs bar and game area just add to the experience here!
522lancep via - Jun 3, 2020
Great customer service, food was pretty good.
Robin Johnson via - Jun 3, 2020
I had the Shrimp Po Boy and the Crawfish Pies.......DELICIOUS.. if you want authentic creole cuisine then this is it. GOOD FOOD ... read more
Arthur Graham via - Jun 2, 2020
The food is delicious ... read more
lisa barnes via - Jun 2, 2020
One of the most authentic po-boy ...
One of the most authentic po-boy spots I have had outside of south Louisiana. The menu has a great variety. But the shrimp po-boy is my go to.
Jeff M. via - May 31, 2020
Amazing food, the owners are great,, and Ligtiment po boys.
52_Gingerrr_86 via - May 30, 2020
I have eaten here 3 times now.
I have eaten here 3 times now.  The first time time dining in (pre-shelter in place) and twice for takeout (both before and during shelter in place). I make a point to specify this because each time, regardless of the circumstances,  I've had a really good experience.

Right now they are only open for to-go orders, curbside pi
... read more
Toni W. via - May 27, 2020
Good eats ... read more
Shanna Cox via - May 23, 2020
This is definitely one of my favorite ...
This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Fantastic food and great customer service every single time. I recently ordered the catfish platter and it was delish! Their po-boy sandwiches are also awesome. I usually order the 'small' size which is very hearty and filling. They have so many great items on their menu and everythi ... read more
Laura L. via - May 18, 2020
Food is sooooooooo delicious! The service was fast and the prices were reasonable!
Quinyanna Gray via - May 13, 2020
The best food I've ever had in ...
The best food I've ever had in my life. The owner is amazing. People are nice. Service is great ... read more
Veronica K. via - May 11, 2020
The best New Orleans style food I’ve ever had. I placed a phone order at this place and the employees were nice and they had everything ready in a quick manner and even prepared for the pandemic by contactless handling. Thank you guys ... read more
Will K via - May 5, 2020
Great sub shop ... read more
Jan Folkes via - Apr 29, 2020
This place must be tried....the owner down to earth and caring he took care of me and most importantly is food is amazing to the owner this is Ku q we just met I wanna say thanks for taking care of me ... read more
Skutoria Harris via - Apr 28, 2020
I got a seafood plate, the food ...
I got a seafood plate, the food is fresh and taste very good. There was just a bit too much fries. I was told their PO boy is delicious so I'll check that out the next time I visit.
Viranuj S. via - Apr 25, 2020
Amazing food! Worth the drive if you don’t live in Decatur!
Becky Neece via - Apr 25, 2020
Best handcrafted drinks EVER.
Rachael Scott via - Apr 24, 2020
Shout out to The Po’ Boy Shop!! 🙌🏾 The food is A1!! I couldn’t narrow down what I wanted so we ordered a blacken grouper po’ boy, half and half po’ boy, crawfish meat pies, fries, AND bread pudding. Lol. I wanted to try a little bit of everything and BOY!! WAS IT WORTH IT!! For all of the above our total came out to $48. Which isn’t ... read more
Shaunté Thomas via - Apr 21, 2020
Second time here. The crystal’d shrimp was much better than the catfish. More flavor and the shrimp were succulent and juicy and cooked just right. With it dressed, it really was a good sandwich and glad I stopped to get one. Mila likes the shrimp with extra lettuce ... read more
Christopher Cole via - Apr 20, 2020
Just finished the andouille and ...
Just finished the andouille and fries.
Will be going back ASAP.
Super friendly staff. Fast. Delicious.
A small sandwich is deceivingly filling.
Highly recommend you go, especially during these times. Plus Hurricanes to go if you wana make some bad or good? Decisions.
Joey G. via - Apr 20, 2020
Absolutely amazing Shrimp Poboys!! The bread is amazing, food is incredibly fresh and the staff are wonderful. My family is from New Orleans; Craig and his team know how to make New Orleans cuisine the right way. Highly recommend!!!
Brittani Glynn Magee via - Apr 14, 2020
This place is AMAZING! Met the ...
This place is AMAZING! Met the owner Chris today after coming several times. Great guy! A New Orleans native thatunderstands what good food is supposed to be! I normally don't like a po'bou sandwich cause many people have to much bread. This bread is the real deal! Brought in from NO every week and it is amazing! Down stairs has 21+ ... read more
Deanna H. via - Apr 13, 2020
Everything is great here from the staff to the food to the atmosphere. It’s become our hangout spot over the past month or two so I wanted to show some love.
Charlie Cannon via - Apr 9, 2020
Some very unique po boys, continue to support our local business!
Jenn DeDuonni via - Apr 9, 2020
Took a chance on the Po'boy shop ...
Took a chance on the Po'boy shop After seeing a favorable review. Was not disappointed. Enjoyed the beef debris tremendously. Can't wait to experiment with more dishes on the menu ... read more
Gordon R. via - Apr 7, 2020
This place is a hidden gem... I ...
This place is a hidden gem... I had noticed it while I was going to another restaurant in the strip and then my medical staff got Po'Boys Friday for lunch.   Needless to say I got them for dinner to-go!  I also got the hurricanes and Long Island iced tea.  I will be frequenting this place often during quarantine and beyond!  I hope y ... read more
Scott L. via - Apr 4, 2020
Great food ... read more
George Rainey via - Mar 16, 2020
OMG....I'm from New Orleans and when I say this is the closest to home I've ever had outside of N.O. The food is always fresh and consistent in taste. The staff is always friendly and helpful. This is definite my go to spot. Oh and did I mention the basement bar. I won't say anymore, check it out for yourself, I promise you won't be ... read more
Tanya Walker via - Mar 15, 2020
HOLY COW! I used to live in Southern ...
HOLY COW! I used to live in Southern Louisiana and nearly cried tears of joy when I walked into this place. This is the REAL DEAL you guys. I almost don't want to write a review because I don't want anyone else coming here. So many po'boys, gumbo, jambalaya, red beans, crawfish pies..... oh my goodness! And they have a full bar downs ... read more
Lauren C. via - Mar 14, 2020
I had the shrimp Po'Boy and will ...
I had the shrimp Po'Boy and will definitely be back to try some other menu items as the food was awesome. We ate our lunch outside as it was a very nice day, but we took a peak at the massive bar downstairs, and it's going to be a great spot for Saints and LSU games when the season comes back around! The owner is from south LA, and h ... read more
Rachel L. via - Mar 14, 2020
Loved the food. Had gatorbites ...
Loved the food. Had gatorbites. Succulent and delicious with a good aoli. I always remeber tougher alligator. Had a fantastic Blackened Groiper as well but tonight was their new weekly Crawfish Boil. Outstanding. Good heat and flavor.
Derek B. via - Mar 12, 2020
Sooooo Good!
Emily M. via - Mar 11, 2020
Traveling from it of town and stopped ...
Traveling from it of town and stopped to get PoBoy for lunch.  Chose the Blackened Grouper which was fantastic and On Point.  The Red Beans & Rice were pretty dang good too.  The new area downstairs was a really cool atmosphere as well.
Kris G. via - Mar 10, 2020
The food, service, and atmosphere was excellent!!!! Definitely will come back or ask my husband to pick up some po' boys on his way home from😁 ... read more
A Braswell via - Mar 10, 2020
Great Bar hidden secret authentic poboys ... read more
J Haydel via - Mar 8, 2020
I had withdraws from a recent Nola ...
I had withdraws from a recent Nola trip and 10/10 this place hit the spot!! I ordered through DoorDash a regular oyster po'boy and bread pudding, and it came to my door still warm. The po'boy was filled with crispy, (seasoned) battered oysters that were fried perfectly, sauced perfectly, and very filling. Their bread pudding was DIVI ... read more
Alexa V. via - Mar 5, 2020
The drinks are quite strong. Had a hurricane and could tell almost immediately that it was a strong drink. Moments later witnessed a lady fall walking up the stairs. Food was great. The wings are REALLY good. Also had a crawfish Po boy and a blacken chicken Caesar Salad. Both were really good. The remoulade sauce was exceptiona ... read more
Linda Hinton via - Mar 5, 2020
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