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Good eats ... read more
Shanna Cox via - May 23, 2020
This is definitely one of my favorite ...
This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Fantastic food and great customer service every single time. I recently ordered the catfish platter and it was delish! Their po-boy sandwiches are also awesome. I usually order the 'small' size which is very hearty and filling. They have so many great items on their menu and everythi ... read more
Laura L. via - May 18, 2020
Food is sooooooooo delicious! The service was fast and the prices were reasonable!
Quinyanna Gray via - May 13, 2020
The best food I've ever had in ...
The best food I've ever had in my life. The owner is amazing. People are nice. Service is great ... read more
Veronica K. via - May 11, 2020
The best New Orleans style food I’ve ever had. I placed a phone order at this place and the employees were nice and they had everything ready in a quick manner and even prepared for the pandemic by contactless handling. Thank you guys ... read more
Will K via - May 5, 2020
Great sub shop ... read more
Jan Folkes via - Apr 29, 2020
This place must be tried....the owner down to earth and caring he took care of me and most importantly is food is amazing to the owner this is Ku q we just met I wanna say thanks for taking care of me ... read more
Skutoria Harris via - Apr 28, 2020
I got a seafood plate, the food ...
I got a seafood plate, the food is fresh and taste very good. There was just a bit too much fries. I was told their PO boy is delicious so I'll check that out the next time I visit.
Viranuj S. via - Apr 25, 2020
Amazing food! Worth the drive if you don’t live in Decatur!
Becky Neece via - Apr 25, 2020
Best handcrafted drinks EVER.
Rachael Scott via - Apr 24, 2020
Shout out to The Po’ Boy Shop!! 🙌🏾 The food is A1!! I couldn’t narrow down what I wanted so we ordered a blacken grouper po’ boy, half and half po’ boy, crawfish meat pies, fries, AND bread pudding. Lol. I wanted to try a little bit of everything and BOY!! WAS IT WORTH IT!! For all of the above our total came out to $48. Which isn’t ... read more
Shaunté Thomas via - Apr 21, 2020
Second time here. The crystal’d shrimp was much better than the catfish. More flavor and the shrimp were succulent and juicy and cooked just right. With it dressed, it really was a good sandwich and glad I stopped to get one. Mila likes the shrimp with extra lettuce ... read more
Christopher Cole via - Apr 20, 2020
Just finished the andouille and ...
Just finished the andouille and fries.
Will be going back ASAP.
Super friendly staff. Fast. Delicious.
A small sandwich is deceivingly filling.
Highly recommend you go, especially during these times. Plus Hurricanes to go if you wana make some bad or good? Decisions.
Joey G. via - Apr 20, 2020
Absolutely amazing Shrimp Poboys!! The bread is amazing, food is incredibly fresh and the staff are wonderful. My family is from New Orleans; Craig and his team know how to make New Orleans cuisine the right way. Highly recommend!!!
Brittani Glynn Magee via - Apr 14, 2020
This place is AMAZING! Met the ...
This place is AMAZING! Met the owner Chris today after coming several times. Great guy! A New Orleans native thatunderstands what good food is supposed to be! I normally don't like a po'bou sandwich cause many people have to much bread. This bread is the real deal! Brought in from NO every week and it is amazing! Down stairs has 21+ ... read more
Deanna H. via - Apr 13, 2020
Everything is great here from the staff to the food to the atmosphere. It’s become our hangout spot over the past month or two so I wanted to show some love.
Charlie Cannon via - Apr 9, 2020
Some very unique po boys, continue to support our local business!
Jenn DeDuonni via - Apr 9, 2020
Took a chance on the Po'boy shop ...
Took a chance on the Po'boy shop After seeing a favorable review. Was not disappointed. Enjoyed the beef debris tremendously. Can't wait to experiment with more dishes on the menu ... read more
Gordon R. via - Apr 7, 2020
This place is a hidden gem... I ...
This place is a hidden gem... I had noticed it while I was going to another restaurant in the strip and then my medical staff got Po'Boys Friday for lunch.   Needless to say I got them for dinner to-go!  I also got the hurricanes and Long Island iced tea.  I will be frequenting this place often during quarantine and beyond!  I hope y ... read more
Scott L. via - Apr 4, 2020
Great food ... read more
George Rainey via - Mar 16, 2020
OMG....I'm from New Orleans and when I say this is the closest to home I've ever had outside of N.O. The food is always fresh and consistent in taste. The staff is always friendly and helpful. This is definite my go to spot. Oh and did I mention the basement bar. I won't say anymore, check it out for yourself, I promise you won't be ... read more
Tanya Walker via - Mar 15, 2020
I had the shrimp Po'Boy and will ...
I had the shrimp Po'Boy and will definitely be back to try some other menu items as the food was awesome. We ate our lunch outside as it was a very nice day, but we took a peak at the massive bar downstairs, and it's going to be a great spot for Saints and LSU games when the season comes back around! The owner is from south LA, and h ... read more
Rachel L. via - Mar 14, 2020
HOLY COW! I used to live in Southern ...
HOLY COW! I used to live in Southern Louisiana and nearly cried tears of joy when I walked into this place. This is the REAL DEAL you guys. I almost don't want to write a review because I don't want anyone else coming here. So many po'boys, gumbo, jambalaya, red beans, crawfish pies..... oh my goodness! And they have a full bar downs ... read more
Lauren C. via - Mar 14, 2020
Loved the food. Had gatorbites ...
Loved the food. Had gatorbites. Succulent and delicious with a good aoli. I always remeber tougher alligator. Had a fantastic Blackened Groiper as well but tonight was their new weekly Crawfish Boil. Outstanding. Good heat and flavor.
Derek B. via - Mar 12, 2020
Sooooo Good!
Emily M. via - Mar 11, 2020
Traveling from it of town and stopped ...
Traveling from it of town and stopped to get PoBoy for lunch.  Chose the Blackened Grouper which was fantastic and On Point.  The Red Beans & Rice were pretty dang good too.  The new area downstairs was a really cool atmosphere as well.
Kris G. via - Mar 10, 2020
The food, service, and atmosphere was excellent!!!! Definitely will come back or ask my husband to pick up some po' boys on his way home from😁 ... read more
A Braswell via - Mar 10, 2020
Great Bar hidden secret authentic poboys ... read more
J Haydel via - Mar 8, 2020
I had withdraws from a recent Nola ...
I had withdraws from a recent Nola trip and 10/10 this place hit the spot!! I ordered through DoorDash a regular oyster po'boy and bread pudding, and it came to my door still warm. The po'boy was filled with crispy, (seasoned) battered oysters that were fried perfectly, sauced perfectly, and very filling. Their bread pudding was DIVI ... read more
Alexa V. via - Mar 5, 2020
The drinks are quite strong. Had a hurricane and could tell almost immediately that it was a strong drink. Moments later witnessed a lady fall walking up the stairs. Food was great. The wings are REALLY good. Also had a crawfish Po boy and a blacken chicken Caesar Salad. Both were really good. The remoulade sauce was exceptiona ... read more
Linda Hinton via - Mar 5, 2020
Great atmosphere Best Po'Boys in Atlanta!
Jake Thomas via - Mar 5, 2020
We came all the way from California ...
We came all the way from California in detach of authentic creole food and this place captivates that essence.

I ordered two shrimp, beer, and chips ($30). They have this Madri gras mustard you can add that really sets the sandwich off!

Staff is friendly with outside and indoor seating but limited (we sat a back table
... read more
Mel L. via - Mar 3, 2020
Ok so being from NOLA I hold any establishment that tries their hand at our food, to a super high standard. And this place doesn't fail. 100% authentic Nawlens Cooking, I guarantee.
Ja Jose via - Mar 3, 2020
PERFECTION! the closest thing I've ...
PERFECTION! the closest thing I've tasted close to being in New Orleans! I tried the Shrimp PoBoy, Fries, Crawfish Pies, 1/2 n 1/2 and OMG the Bread Pudding! All of which are to DIE for.... I traveled from California to the ATL & boyyyyyy am I glad this place was on my places to go list(thanks to my cousin) Good Lord I wanna go back ... read more
Chrisy C. via - Mar 2, 2020
I am glad I finally stopped by ...
I am glad I finally stopped by here.  
I'll start with my only complaint and that the location and parking lot.   I came on a Sunday afternoon and it was a nightmare finding parking.  

Once I made it inside, we ordered a regular shrimp po boy ($14), a shrimp platter ($15) and crawfish patties ($7).  
Shrimp Po'Boy: the b
... read more
Ron F. via - Mar 1, 2020
Food was really good and the bar downstairs was awesome. Great customer service!
Gary Aleem via - Mar 1, 2020
Great vibe, tavern downstairs great hang out ... read more
Steve Stefurak via - Mar 1, 2020
Had a shrimp Po’Boy. Tasted just like home. Bread pudding was delicious...but needs some raisins. Will go back. Definitely.
N RFoster via - Feb 28, 2020
You will not find a Po'Boy better anywhere. Make sure you go to the bar that's in the basement. They have a live feed tv of Bourbon St. If I could give 10 stars review I would!
James Skinner via - Feb 27, 2020
Great food. Nice bar downstairs.
Robert Kincaid via - Feb 27, 2020
Fantastic food offerings and great food staff all around!
Susan Jordan-fell via - Feb 26, 2020
Great new bar downstairs with a fantastic selection of whiskey ... read more
Joseph Lynch via - Feb 26, 2020
I'd been missing my home town in ...
I'd been missing my home town in Mississippi and was growing green with envy watching all of my friends snaps of Mardi Gras this past weekend so I'd been craving a good roast beef poboy like we do back in the 'Sip. Bon Ton had been packed because of the holiday and my patience in trying to find a parking spot over there was probably ... read more
Cecilia T. via - Feb 25, 2020
Pricy compared to everywhere else but the food is good. They need to make a real combo with a sandwhich and side but thats just my suggestion ... read more
Alan Johnston via - Feb 25, 2020
I came here for lunch, having never had a po boy. I wish I'd have come sooner! The food is amazing!
James Olexa via - Feb 25, 2020
Have a friend...who recently started ...
Have a friend...who recently started a new job in Decatur. Told me I should stop by, and try this place. I live in Cartersville...and it is about an hour drive. Worth every mile !!! You order upstairs in this tiny little sandwich shop, and go downstairs to this full size bar ! Great ambiance....and the oyster po boy , with crawfish p ... read more
David E. via - Feb 22, 2020
Hands down the best Poboy I've had in Georgia. I have searched long and hard for an authentic shrimp poboy similar to the ones you can find in Louisiana. This place has it! The key piece to their poboy authenticity starts with the bread! It is sourced from Louisiana and it has that crispy outer crust and the airy inside which practic ... read more
Quentin Wallace via - Feb 22, 2020
Food is legit and the downstairs bar is roomy and chill ... read more
Mario Blakely via - Feb 22, 2020
So glad I found this place! It's so cutely designed with New Orleans style decor, the food was delicious and fresh ! And there's a cozy downstairs area with arcade games and a full bar! What a hidden gem :) ... read more
Kiya Jefferson via - Feb 20, 2020
Definitely a nice surprise downstairs... the bar is pretty awesome and the food delicious. Will have to come back and visit at night ... read more
SilverZ350 via - Feb 19, 2020
Oyster Sandwich is great!
Tianze Hong via - Feb 19, 2020
I am from south Louisiana and I ...
I am from south Louisiana and I can attest that the food here is the "real deal". Crawfish Po'Boy was my favorite. And the bread pudding was amazing. If you want authentic cajun food, stop here ... read more
Jeanne B. via - Feb 19, 2020
Great food, the shrimp and oyster po boy, and beans and rice were perfect! Service was great. They make you feel like they really care about their customers experience.
Celeste Goins via - Feb 19, 2020
My husband and I checked out this ...
My husband and I checked out this place yesterday for the first time, and really enjoyed the shrimp and half & half  Po'boys. They recently opened a bar/arcade downstairs (21 and up only), which was a nice surprise (hidden gem really).  We played Pac-MAN for quite some time until we ran out of coins and breath. So bring some extra qu ... read more
Ruwel S. via - Feb 17, 2020
I love this place. Like actually ...
I love this place. Like actually authentic New Orleans style Poboys. I lived in NO for several years and this is about the best Poboy I've had outside of the city. The fries are different from any  I've ever had and they are . They like the perfect combo potato to crust ratio.
Christin T. via - Feb 17, 2020
I was absolutely blown away with ...
I was absolutely blown away with their poboys!! I got the surf and turf with the shrimp and debris. OMG... The beef was so tender and melts in your mouth. The Shrimp was seasoned to perfection and tasted like they came straight from New Orleans!! I also got the gumbo which was PERFECT! I am actually writing this review the morning af ... read more
Brittany L. via - Feb 17, 2020
My husband and I checked out this place yesterday for the first time, and really enjoyed the shrimp and half & half Po'boys. They recently opened a bar/arcade downstairs (21 and up only), which was a nice surprise (hidden gem really). We played Pac-MAN for quite some time until we ran out of coins and breath. So bring some extra qu ... read more
Ruwel sarmad via - Feb 17, 2020
The food and po boys here are always on point and delicious. The new downstairs bar has a great atmosphere and is much needed addition for this neighborhood. The staff is always courteous and customer service here is great. The manager, Drea, is nice and always makes sure you have everything you need. If you haven’t been here, you ne ... read more
Julian Brim via - Feb 17, 2020
Since I'm gluten free getting a ...
Since I'm gluten free getting a po boy was not an option. So I got the blackened grouper platter with fries. To summarize: it was incredible. The groupers was light and tasty, I devoured it. And it is hard to rank fries , but this were thin,crispy and incredible.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting back.
Seth R. via - Feb 16, 2020
I saw this spot on Door Dash and ...
I saw this spot on Door Dash and I WWS feeling like getting out the house so I paid the place a visit. It was in a nice plaza and was pretty easy to find. Once inside I noticed it was clean and was told that there was a bar downstairs. I decided to dine there and got a half and half po boy (fried shrimp and oysters), their fries and ... read more
Deshawn R. via - Feb 16, 2020
This place here, omg, the POBOYS ...
This place here, omg, the POBOYS are the best in the city. The downstairs bar and seating, superb!!! Made me feel like I was in NOLEANS!!! That POBOY though!!! Mmmm the bread was de light full. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!! GALAGA and POOl and 80's mans dream. But dat food omg!!! We will be back, with our grown children!!!
Zay G. via - Feb 15, 2020
Great shrimp po'boys ... read more
Deborah Bearden via - Feb 15, 2020
Look, I'm not really into po'boys... But D*MN you gotta taste their bread pudding!
Marianne Parrish Florian via - Feb 13, 2020
Clean, fabulous food, friendly staff and fast. The have inside and outside covered seating plus a new bar downstairs. Parking is plentiful and music is authentic cajun. Highly recommend.
Stella Bella via - Feb 12, 2020
Today I was able to finally try ...
Today I was able to finally try The Po'Boy shop. The staff is friendly and attentive. I went downstairs to check out the new bar area and someone actually came to find me when my to-go order was ready. That's what you call great customer service.

I ordered a fully dressed shrimp Po'Boy which was delicious. The French bread wa
... read more
Jazz E. via - Feb 11, 2020
This place does not look like much ...
This place does not look like much when you drive past; however, I can assure you there is more here than meets the eye. The Po' Boy Shop looks like the definition of "a hole-in-the-wall." The place - upon first look when walking in- looks tidy and sparse.

You order at the counter, pay and wait on your food to arrive at your
... read more
Robert M. via - Feb 10, 2020
Great food fast and the new downstairs area is awesome!
John Karnes via - Feb 10, 2020
Super tasty food, and the bar downstairs is great! Can't wait to visit again!
Kat Karnes via - Feb 10, 2020
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